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Basera-e-Tabassum (Kashmir)

I visited Basera-e-Tabassum in June in Kashmir. In conventional terms one would describe it as an orphanage, but I felt like a city girl visiting a long lost family in a native. It is a place for girl orphans, whose parents have been victims of the terrorism. Continue reading

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Destiny’s Night

While the entire period of Ramzan is a time of fasting and praying, Shab-e-Qadr or Lailat ul-Qadr is the most blessed of all nights. It falls on a night that no one can pinpoint with any certainty. Yet the faithful who have prayed through the night say that the heart always knows when communion has been reached. Continue reading

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Indo-Pak Dosti

Following their popular leaders, Mahatma Gandhi who was killed by a Hindu fanatic due to his overtures to muslims and Mohammed Ali Jinnah who is on record as having planned to go on vacation to India and perhaps retire there as well – the people have yearned for peace and friendship. Continue reading

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Review – Sufism: The Heart of Islam

Sadia Dehlvi’s latest offering, “Sufism: The Heart of Islam”, traces the history of Sufism, the major Sufi silsilas or Master-Pupil chains, the early Sufis, the essence of the Sufi ‘experience’ and the foundation of Sufism in faith or deen. She speaks with passion and clarity and leavens her narrative with personal observations and experiences. Continue reading

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