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The Threat Of Political Islam

The trail of terror continues with cricketers as the latest target. The Mumbai and Lahore attacks, public executions and the murder of over a thousand civilians in the Swat valley by Taliban style terrorists are horrifying examples of atrocities committed by militant groups thriving on political Islam. Continue reading

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Economic Challenges Might Be Opportunities For Us

Despite all due respect to ministers and other managers of economic policies of our great country, it is disappointing to read statements where it is repeatedly stated that the next year may be economically tougher, GDP growth rate may further decline, fiscal deficit may increase over the revised budget estimates and Indian economy may not turn around unless the global economy recovers. Continue reading

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Hindutva And The Upcoming Indian Elections

The contrast between 2004 and 2009 is exacerbated by the accidental infamy that Varun Gandhi has gained in the last few days. It points to the fact that it has been left to a hitherto a very minor leader of the party to articulate what the Sadhvi Ritambaras during 1989- 1992 and then Narendra Modi and the late Pramod Mahajan took up later. Continue reading

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India Votes: Muslim Leadership Problems

With the Sachar Committee report released about two years ago Muslims had assumed that most Muslim leaders in mainstream parties and the Muslim organizations will make sure that the implementation of this committee’s findings is an integral part of the election platform of all mainstream parties. But that is not what we find on the eve of the election. Continue reading

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Response To A Pakistani View Of Indian Muslims

Dubai-based Pakistani writer Rabia Alavi in a column in Khaleej Times on 1 March 2009 charges that Indian Muslims are hell-bent on portraying Pakistan as a terrorist hub. However, the entire world is now witness for what really Pakistan stands for. Danish Ahmad Khan responds to Rabia Alavi’s article. Continue reading

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Looking For The Moderate Taliban

Ever since Obama admitted the US was not winning in Afghanistan and broached the possibility of reaching out to the “moderate” Taliban, there has been a flurry of responses weighing in his odds on both sides. Obama bases his approach on the apparent success of peeling away the moderates from the extremists in Iraq. Continue reading

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Civil Revolution May Usher A Constitutional Democracy In Pakistan

Mirza Akhtar Beg argues that Pakistan appears to be on the verge of emerging as a functioning Constitutional Democracy, with primacy of laws and constitution that has eluded Pakistan for 61 years of its checkered history. Continue reading

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Varun And The Ghost Of Sanjay Gandhi

So what was Varun Gandhi thinking when he spew venom against Indian Muslims and Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation? How can a man – who studied in the liberal tradition of London School of Economics and Political Science – be communal? Perhaps he was following in his father’s footsteps whose obsessive preference was to be always in the news. Continue reading

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Aggressive Advani Or Meek Manmohan

M Shamsur Rabb Khan compares the personalities, politics and policies of two top contenders for the post of Prime Minister: LK Advani and Manmohan Singh. Both were born in Pakistan and later migrated to India and their careers have taken totally different trajectories as politicians. Continue reading

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India Votes: Muslim MPs’ Performance In Lok Sabha

One way to measure performance of elected representatives is to look at their activities in the legislatures. Ayub Khan analyzes the performances the 36 Muslim MPs and finds that most of them approached their legislative duties with seriousness. Continue reading

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