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India Votes: A Lucid Dream And Reality

The 2009 General election is going to witness a dawn of professional politics where political parties will be marketed as commodities to lure potential voters. It will not be merely a traditional competition between Congress and BJP but a plethora of small parties with regional interest will compete to get a share of people’s sympathy. Continue reading

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Why I Support Bobby Jindal?

People who put neocon colors like that of Rush Limbaugh on Bobby Jindal do great injustice to him. We should look at Bobby Jindal with an open mind, and give him credit as a most enterprising hope to revive America and bring fairness in the public arena, after the terrible current economic slump. Continue reading

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Batla House Encounter – Too Many Discrepancies

Given the seriousness of the crime in the name of fighting terror, there is a need for judicial enquiry into the Batla House encounter so that the whole truth would come out and guilty be punished as per the law of the land. Only a time bound, independent inquiry under a sitting judge of the Supreme Court can reveal the truth. Continue reading

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India Votes: Amplifying Advani Logic

A leader is one who leads by example and does not follow in the footsteps of his disciples but LK Advani, country’s eager Prime Minister-in-waiting, is an exceptional political entity. He is blindly advocating a theory originally propagated by the notorious Narendra Modi. Continue reading

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Congrats Slumdog Millionaire!

Slumdog Millionaire wins 8 Oscars out of the 10 categories it was nominated in. Congratulations to everyone who made the movie and appreciated it, and of course, the great city of Mumbai. Bole to jhakkas. Continue reading

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If I Were An Indian Hindu

I find it difficult to blame my “regular Indian Hindu” friend for the way he thinks. It is not his fault—it’s my way of looking at him that makes him appear faulty. But he may not be at fault at all. Continue reading

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Holy Garb: Profane Agenda

We had saints, who talked against caste system and social evils. We had Kabir, Chokha Mela, Tukaram and the lot who stood for the problems of the poor, and now we have a breed, whose agenda is to undermine the prevalent social evils of dowry, female infanticide, bride burning, atrocities on dalits and Adivasis. Continue reading

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Modernity, Its Discontent And Religion

Spiritual joy and material happiness must go together. Reason should not be devoid of values. Reason without higher goals, meaning and significance of life, is two-edged sword. Truth should not be mere conformity with facts but also beyond and above it, transcendent and all inclusive. Continue reading

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India Votes: Aged And Outdated Leaders

Should there be a legislation of age bar for politicians in India? Does age help improve efficiency? Should some sort of retirement criteria be introduced in Indian politics as well? Does vibrant India need equally young and vibrant leaders, not old, aging and ‘not-so-fit’ leaders? Continue reading

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The Joy And Pain Of Being An Indian Muslim

It makes Indian Muslims proud to see their country become one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world. However it them to find that most Muslims continue to be marginalized and stereotyped in India and often suspect in their nationalism. Continue reading

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