Will We Bring The Change To India?

Aleem Faizee

Its 6:00 on a chilly winter January 26 morning in Mumbai. Mothers are finding it hard to wake up their children who to prepare for the Republic Day customary parade and cultural programs next morning in their respective schools went to bed later than their usual schedule. Nevertheless a reminder of the charm associated with the annual National Festival was enough for thReem to abandon their beds. Same is the case with the government staff. A little ahead of their daily schedule of reaching the office at 10:00 AM, they are rushing to attend the Republic Day function. Continue reading Will We Bring The Change To India?

Countering Pakistani Terrorists’ Anti-India Propaganda

Translated From Urdu By Yoginder Sikand

Pakistan TerrorismFor almost two decades now, self-styled jihadist outfits based in Pakistan have been engaged in a war against India in Kashmir. This war of theirs has no sanction in Islam, which does not allow for proxy war, and that too one declared by non-state actors. It is an explicit violation of all Islamic principles. These outfits, which have considerable support inside Pakistan, see the conflict between India and Pakistan over Kashmir as a religious struggle, and they wrongly describe it as a jihad. Continue reading Countering Pakistani Terrorists’ Anti-India Propaganda

Why Do Vice-Chancellors Fail At Aligarh Muslim University?

Aligarh Muslim UniversityIf we look at the tenures of Vice Chancellors (VCs) at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in the last couple of decades we find that most of them, even though they were distinguished and competent managers, ran into substantial problems of indiscipline, students’ strikes, violence, arson, forced shutdown of university, indifferent academic achievement, lack of pursuit of excellence and discontent in the community that AMU serves. That brings up the question as to why VCs fail at AMU. Continue reading Why Do Vice-Chancellors Fail At Aligarh Muslim University?

Indian Muslims – Where Have They Gone Wrong?

I was thrilled when a friend’s father gifted me ‘Indian Muslims – Where have they gone wrong?’ by Dr Rafiq Zakaria. The book is an honest attempt by a well respected individual. A congressman to the core Dr Zakaria is a staunch supporter of the principles set by Gandhiji. His dislike of Jinnah and his politics is also something you cannot miss in his work.

But before I talk about the actual book I’ve to mention the absolutely brilliant foreword by another famous Indian writer M.J. Akbar. Continue reading Indian Muslims – Where Have They Gone Wrong?

After Malegaon, Hubli

Hubli Court BlastOn 10th May 2008, a blast rocked a magistrate court in Hubli, Karnataka where seven SIMI members suspected of terrorist activities were to be produced before the court. No one was hurt in the blast and Maharastra police later arrested Zakti Shaukat Ali Iqbal Ahmed who was then transferred to the Karnataka police for further investigations.

The incident and the arrest was widely covered in the media and rediff.com reported that the Hubli blast was linked to Mecca Masjid and Ajmer Dargah blasts. Continue reading After Malegaon, Hubli

Haven On Earth

The mighty Kanchendzonga
The mighty Kanchendzonga

In the year 1592, when men in power were still God fearing and honored their word, a sacred covenant between the Lepchas – the indigenous people of Sikkim, and the Tibetan Bhutias was solemnized. This historical event took place near Gangtok, the present capital of Sikkim.
Continue reading Haven On Earth

Capitalism In A Box


“Narendra Modi becomes India Inc poster boy” [Economic Times]

Today’s cartoon is about leading corporate billionaires Anil Ambani and Bharti Mittal signalling their thumbs up for Narendra Modi as PM of India. Modi, as widely believed, is accused of having looked the other way when a systematic pogrom was unleashed against Muslims, consuming 2000 people in key cities of Gujarat. Critics have compared the situation with the capitalism’s role in the growth of Nazi Germany. Here the cartoon plays on the symbolism of capitalism (in a commodity box), Auschwitz, and Gujarat.

Capitalism In A Box
Capitalism In A Box

We Are The New ‘Coolies’

It was 1893 and a young Indian lawyer, dressed in an impeccable European dress, was travelling first class in a train from Durban to Pretoria in South Africa.  All was well until the train reached Pietermaritzburg in the province of Natal. A European passenger had summoned the railway officials who ordered that the young lawyer vacate the compartment since ‘coolies’ and non-whites were supposedly not allowed in first class compartments. When the lawyer protested he was pushed out of the train along with this luggage. Continue reading We Are The New ‘Coolies’