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Will We Bring The Change To India?

The election of Barack Obama as the President of United States has heralded a change for the country. To convert India into a major force by 2020, as many of us have envisioned, India needs a change too. Will we be able to bring it to India? Continue reading

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Living In Denial

A collaborative effort at Twitter resulted in comics on Pakistan’s stand and persistent denial on the Mumbai attacks. Starring Asif Ali Zardari, Manmohan Singh, Nawaz Sharif and Pervez Musharraf. Continue reading

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Countering Pakistani Terrorists’ Anti-India Propaganda

For almost two decades now, self-styled jihadist outfits based in Pakistan have been engaged in a war against India in Kashmir. This war of theirs has no sanction in Islam, which does not allow for proxy war, and that too one declared by non-state actors. Continue reading

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Why Do Vice-Chancellors Fail At Aligarh Muslim University?

If we look at the tenures of Vice Chancellors (VCs) at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in the last couple of decades we find that most of them, even though they were distinguished and competent managers, ran into substantial problems. What might be the reason behind this? Continue reading

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Indian Muslims – Where Have They Gone Wrong?

A review of the book “Indian Muslims – Where Have They Gone Wrong?” by the eminent Muslim writer Dr Rafiq Zakaria. Continue reading

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Suing Shekhar Kapur

After successfully suing Aamir Khan over horse-riding in Rang De Basanti, animal right activists are planning to take to court Shekhar Kapur for his 1983 Masoom song. Continue reading

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After Malegaon, Hubli

With the arrest of Nagaraj Jambagi for his involvement in the Hubli blast, yet another revelation of activists belonging to Sangh Parivar and its off-shoot organizations in various terrorist incidences over years has come to light. It is definitely a cause for alarm. Continue reading

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Haven On Earth

The eastern Himalayas is perhaps one of the few places in India where peaceful co-existence among different tribes and faiths continues to prevail inspite of the wave of intolerance and communalization sweeping across the rest of our country. Continue reading

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Capitalism In A Box

Industry leaders like Anil Ambani and Sunil Mittal have hailed Gujarat CM Narendra Modi as a development icon ready to be the prime minister of India. Critics have compared the situation with the capitalism’s role in the growth of Nazi Germany. Continue reading

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We Are The New ‘Coolies’

When I was denied to board the flight to Toronto at the Heathrow airport I was reminded of Gandhi in South Africa who was pushed off the train. Continue reading

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