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A Thousand Words Against Raj Thackeray

Raj Thackeray and his divisive ideology was dealt a serious blow when India responded as one nation to the Mumbai terror attacks. Continue reading

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Nominations for The Brass Crescent Award

This blog is nominated under ‘Best South Asian Blog’ and a blog post under ‘Best Post or Series’ category. Please vote. Continue reading

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Remembering The Mumbai Heroes

India responded as one after the time of Mumbai terror attacks. While many individuals and organizations did a commendable job, let us remember some real heroes while reflecting on the Mumbai tragedy . Continue reading

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Bombay: You Mourn, I Mourn With You!

Dr. Abdul Majeed Azad writes a poignant poem to remember the victims of the terror attacks on Mumbai in which almost 200 innocent people lost their lives. Continue reading

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Press-Release: Condemnation of Mumbai Terror Attack

Indian-Americans condemn the Mumbai terror attacks and seek effective government action to stop terrorism Continue reading

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A Letter To The Last Standing Terrorist

Terrorists claiming to be fighting for the religion and its followers are causing much more damage to both the religion and the followers than anyone else could ever do. However, the idea of India has survived over time and it will do so this time too. Continue reading

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O My Country

It is an attack on our country and we need to stand One whatever be our differences Continue reading

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Mumbai Terror Attacks

At least 125 innocent people have been killed in brazen and concerted attacks around the city of Mumbai by terrorists. The battle lasted over 2 days causing mayhem and destruction. Terrorists seemed to have originated from Pakistan and at least some of them came to Mumbai through boats. Continue reading

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Terror is Terror is Terror

In an odd reversal of roles the Sangh Parivar is making the same arguments which they had made a classic habit to attack Continue reading

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Iqbal, Jinnah And The Lost Glory Of The Muslims Of India

Mohammad Iqbal, Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Abul Kalam Azad were three of the most influential Muslim leaders in the 20th century. A look at how their political philosophies shaped the destiny of millions of Muslims in the Indian sub-continent. Continue reading

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