Maulana Maududi’s Terrifying Vision For Indian Muslims

Maulana MaududiMaulana Maududi’s estranged disciple and Tanzeem-e-Islami chief Dr.Israr Ahmed appearing on the Jawabdeh program of GEO television in 2005 made some startling remarks about Indian Muslims. According to a published report of the program in the liberal Daily Times he reportedly said the following:

In an Islamic state non-Muslims would be second-class citizens. He said if India decided after that to declare all Muslims second-class citizens then that would be right too. He said Muslims had fought in India on the claim that they were a different nation. There was no harm if India considered its Muslims a separate nation.[1]

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Relief For Gujarat Riot Victims, Justice Still Eludes

A 60 minutes segment I watched recently profiles men that were wrongfully convicted by Dallas District Attorney office over years. Now, many of these inmates are being released from prison with some help from the same DA office which is re-examining their cases. One man spent 27 years in prison even though he was innocent all those years and was released recently after a DNA test confirmed his innocence. The judge while releasing him said that this is not justice but just an end to the injustice meted out over all these years. Continue reading Relief For Gujarat Riot Victims, Justice Still Eludes

Koran Shooting!!!

In a highly charged situation shooting the Koran is tantamount to shooting the albatross, the bird of good omen. The war in Iraq is purportedly fought also for winning the hearts and minds of the people. When the wind of anti insurgency seems just to have started blowing shooting the holy book could wreck the very ship in which the Americans and the Iraqi government are sailing.. This is not a theological perception of any presentiment but rather a gauge of geopolitical realization of the facts on ground. Continue reading Koran Shooting!!!

How To Fight Terror?

The question how to fight terror should concern all right thinking Indians as well as others affected by the menace directly or remotely. But fighting terror should not be fighting ideology of those you consider your rivals or the “other”. Fighting terror should be your strategy and not your own warped ideology. Given this veritable although unpleasant truth as the rock foundation of fight against terrorism we must not indulge in fear peddling nor should we keep harping on what is skewed perception at the best. Continue reading How To Fight Terror?

Muslims’ Contribution To The Growth Of Music In India

Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali KhanMusic continued to flourish in medieval India in spite of the acquisition of political power by the Turks, Afghans and Mughals. Continue reading Muslims’ Contribution To The Growth Of Music In India

Election And Religion: America

Marking the celebration of 60th birth anniversary of Israel the American President George Bush said in Jerusalem on Thursday May 15, 2008 that the Jewish state would be a flourishing democracy when it celebrates its 120th anniversary. His party’s nominee for the forthcoming election John McCain said that he would win the war in Iraq in four years and bring back the American troops in 2013. Why they are so optimistic and self assured? The answer is religion, and in essence the doctrine of premillennial dispensationalism. Continue reading Election And Religion: America

Terror Chooses Busiest Market At Busiest Hour

JaipurThe seven blasts that rocked the pink city of Jaipur also wore off its charm and romance, at least for sometime to come. Known for its wonderful monuments the city was bustling as usual with tourists from all over the world. The sunset crowd at 7.12 was enjoying a whiff of cool air, one of the reasons of crowding, when tragedy struck. Continue reading Terror Chooses Busiest Market At Busiest Hour

Jaipur Blasts – Method In Madness?

Jaipur BlastsAfter a few months of relative calm the terrorists have struck again, this time targeting Pink City Jaipur in a series of bomb blasts killing at least 60 Indians and injuring many more. These blasts come on the tenth anniversary of Pokhran nuclear tests and days before Pranab Mukherjee and Shiv Shankar Menon were due to visit Islamabad to hold discussions with the new Pakistani government. Continue reading Jaipur Blasts – Method In Madness?

Why The 1857 War For Indian Independence Was Lost?

British Soldiers Looting Qaisar BaghHistory shows us that ordinary Muslim and Hindu masses of North India were the prime movers and basic engine of this revolution. It is they who surged into Mughal Delhi from adjoining towns and even as far as Telangana in South India, on May 10, 1857, to make the revolution possible. Indeed most of them were the jawans, sawars, sepoys of the British East India Company army. Continue reading Why The 1857 War For Indian Independence Was Lost?