Gujarat Elections And Aftermath

Narendra Modi Gujarat Elections 2007Gujarat has made history. Gujarat is in news ever since genocide of 2002. For every small or big development it remains in news. Gujarat carnage was unparalleled in the history of India and it will continue to be discussed for a long time to come. Like partition of our country it cannot be easily forgotten. Any election in Gujarat will draw into discussion Gujarat carnage. Modi, I maintain, could not have won 2002 election without organizing that carnage nor the 2007 election could he have won without it. Continue reading Gujarat Elections And Aftermath

Obituary: Benazir Bhutto Faced Death With Courage

Benazir BhuttoBenazir Bhutto, fell victim to the politics of endemic violence in Pakistan. She called herself “the Daughter of Destiny” in her autobiography and often styled herself as the daughter of Pakistan. She had more upheavals in one life time than most can imagine. In her untimely death, she followed her slain father and two brothers. Continue reading Obituary: Benazir Bhutto Faced Death With Courage

Mohd Azharuddin – The Rise And Fall Of An Indian Idol

Photo of AzharThe commentrator on the telly said, “Ye naujawan kaafi dinon se bhartiye cricket team ke darwaaze pe dastak de raha tha. Aaj aakhirkaar inko mauqa mil hi gaya.” [Trans: This young man has been knocking on the Indian team door for quite some time. Finally he has got the opportunity!] It was December 31, 1984. The English side was touring India.

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The death of Benazir Bhutto

It isn’t just a blow to democracy but it raises serious doubts on credentials of security forces in Pakistan.

Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was killed in a gun and bomb attack after an election rally in the city of Rawalpindi on Thursday. Police said a suicide bomber fired shots at Bhutto as she was leaving the rally venue in a park before blowing himself up. “The man first fired at Bhutto’s vehicle. She ducked and then he blew himself up,” said police officer Mohammad Shahid. Police said 16 other people had been killed in the blast, but tv channels said at 20 persons were killed.“ A Reuters witness at the scene of the attack said he had heard two shots moments before the blast. Another Reuters witness saw bodies and a mutilated human head strewn on a road outside the park where she held her rally. People cried and hugged each other outside the hospital where she died and residents of Karachi, Bhutto’s home town, said they had heard gun shots after news of Bhutto’s death spread, apparently from her enraged supporters [Dawn]

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Killing Terrorists, Writing News

MayawatiKilling terrorists, writing news. Just another day in India. This news comes to us courtsey NDTV but other accounts of this incident are not much different. my comments are in red.

Two members of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) suicide squad, who apparently wanted to target Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati, were on Sunday killed in an encounter with Special Task Force (STF) of state police at Dewa road on Lucknow-Barabanki border.
Target: Mayawati

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Who were the Indian Prophets?

Sri KrishnaCould it be that Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Zoroaster and Confucius were Prophets of God? This is not a new question and has been asked many times before. As I argue further that while we cannot proclaim strictly based on the Quran and Hadees (as they have not been mentioned by name) yet based on these very sources we tend to move towards possibly accepting them as such.

There is a well-known Hadees that there have been 1,24,000 Prophets sent by God in the history of mankind. But in the Quran only 25 have been mentioned by name. Continue reading Who were the Indian Prophets?

Ganesha On Indonesian Currency

Ganesha Indonesian Currency

Earlier, during my unsatisfactory interview with the chief minister, Narendra Modi had said: “In Indonesia, which is a Muslim country, they have a picture of Ganesh on one of their currency notes. Why can’t India’s Muslims be more like that?” At the time I did not answer. But it struck me later that Hindus are a minority in Indonesia, just as Muslims are in India. If you were to follow Modi’s line of thinking, the accurate parallel would be for India to put an Islamic symbol on one of its notes. [Edward Luce, In Spite of the Gods: The Strange Rise of Modern India, page 256]

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Narendra Modi Wins Gujarat Again

du’aa (Prayer)

aaiye haath uThaayeN ham bhii
ham jinheN rasm-e-du’aa yaad nahiiN
ham jinheN soz-e-muhabbat ke sivaa
ko’ii but, ko’ii Khudaa yaad nahiiN

aaiye arz guzaareN ke nigaar-e-hastii
zehr-e-imroz meN shiiriini-e-fardaa bhar de
voh jinheN taab-garaaN-baarii-e-ayyaam nahiiN
un ki palkoN pe shab-o-roz ko halkaa kar de

jin kii aaNkhoN ko rukh-e-subh ka yaaraa bhii nahiiN
un kii raatoN meN ko’ii shamaa munavvar kar de
jin ke qadmoN ko kisii rah ka sahaara bhii nahiiN
un kii nazroN pe ko’ii raah ujaagar kar de Continue reading Narendra Modi Wins Gujarat Again

Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak!

Bakrid, as it is popularly called, derives its name from Bakri (goat) Baqr (cow). Its not just about sacrifice of the animal but its about remembering the great sacrifice Prophet Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him) was asked to make.

Allah (SAW) asked him to sacrifice his son, his beloved son was born in his senility after decades of prayers, as a test of his belief on the All Mighty. Prophet Ishmael (PBUH) (son of Prophet Ibrahim) was replaced by a lamb, just before the knife was drawn on the throat. Continue reading Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak!

The Last Nizam

Hyderabad as a city, and as an idea, has always inspired and interested me. So while casually roaming around at Walden, when I bumped onto The Last Nizam on display, I knew it would the next book I will complete.

Written by an Australian journalist, John Zubrzycki, the book speaks briefly about the first six, and in a little more detail about the seventh and eighth (also the last) Nizam of the princely and feudal Hyderabad.

It took nine month and a handful of treachery for the mighty Aurangzeb to break through the supremely guarded Golconda, and ransack both the fort and the Kutub Shahi dynasty. Continue reading The Last Nizam