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De-recognition Of Champaner World Heritage Site

It is unfortunate how all fundamentalists, both Hindu and Muslim, share a general dislike for all that is good and beautiful in this world. First it was the turn of the Taliban to tear down the beautiful sculptures of Lord … Continue reading

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Tehelka Expose: The Political Context

Guest Post by Bhupinder Singh Despite the hoopla surrounding the Tehelka expose of Narendra Modi’s role in the Gujarat pogrom of 2002, it is unlikely to have a negative fallout on Mr Modi’s immediate electoral prospects- indeed it is likely … Continue reading

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How is Modi different from Thackeray?

Did Tehelka reveal something really extra-ordinary? And were the reactions different? Absolutely no. The right-wingers were quick to dub the expose a sham because according to them Tarun Tejpal is under the influence of ISI. This conspiracy theory was designed … Continue reading

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Education, Employment, Muslims and India

India is home to second largest Muslim community in the world. This is a matter of pride for Indians of all faiths including Muslims. We are happy that our forefathers participated in the freedom struggle. We are happy that they … Continue reading

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Refuge of the Scoundrel

In the context of the Gujarat Tehelka expose India needs to wake up and take notice. I am not asking about taking notice of the act because that has been known to all for long through works like Rakesh Sharma’s … Continue reading

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Babu Bajrangi: Face Of Hindutva

Tehelka did it again, this time exposing lies told by the Hindutva brigade about genocide in Gujarat. Listen from Babu Bajrangi himself caught by Tehelka’s spycam. NARENDRA MODI visited Godhra on the day of the burning of coach S-6 of … Continue reading

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Petition: Allow Al-Jazeera to Downlink in India

Target url I have written about Al-Jazeera not being allowed to downlink in India before. Nothing has changed since then (who expected anything to happen? ) (In the meantime, I’ve loved this interview of Alice Walker. Have a look, it’s … Continue reading

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58 life sentences!

A dream day of Judicial activism in India! 4 cases, 58 life sentences! Amarmani Tripathi, the petty criminal, turned mafia don, turned politician, turned king maker in UP has finally been convicted. He and his wife have been given a lifer in the … Continue reading

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Indian Muslims and Sects: Interview

Waris Mazhari, a leading Islamic scholar, is the editor of the New Delhi-based Tarjuman-i Dar ul-Ulum, the official organ of the Old Boys’ Association of the Deoband Madrasa. In this interview he talks about the problems that mark inter-sectarian relations … Continue reading

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Anti-social school turns Muslim girl students away

Eidul-fitr proved to be a good time to bring sorrow to Muslim girl students. Around 100 Muslim girl students were turned away by a Parsi-run English medium school in Poona (Pune), Maharashtra for applying Mehndi (Hina/Hena) on their hands. Principal … Continue reading

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