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Ajmer Sharif: The Sufi Spirit

The 21st of July (6th Rajab hijri) this year marked the 795th (hijri) Urs or death anniversary of the greatest mystic saint of the Indian sub-continent, Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. Devotees and pilgrims from all over the world converge at … Continue reading

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Terrorism: Is Exporting Indian Islam The Solution?

Mirza Faisal Beg and Mohib Ahmad co-authored this article for Indian National Interest. The pre-requisite of finding an impactful solution is to first understand the problem. Nitin Pai, identifies the problem as ‘radical Islam’ and offers a solution by exporting … Continue reading

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Dara Shikoh’s ‘Two Oceans’: Book Review

Sufism, or Islamic mysticism, provides rich resources for developing theologies of inter-faith dialogue and solidarity, an urgent necessity in today’s world where talk of a global ‘clash of civilisations’ threatens to become a frightening reality. In this regard, the works … Continue reading

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Hame aapka ‘jee jaan’ nahi chahiye

India-Pakistan Twenty 20 world cup final would be a dream come true for millions on this globe. And nothing could have surpassed the tense final moments of the final match. When Misbah tossed the ball of Joginder Sharma, many heart … Continue reading

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India Win Twenty 20 World Cup

This news definitely deserves a post even if it means straying away from our regular topics. India has won the inaugural Twenty 20 World Cup at Johannesburg defeating arch-rivals Pakistan by 5 runs. Finally cricket-lovers had a deserving final match … Continue reading

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“They don’t have those brains”

Surprisingly the Muslims are not producing hate literature like this. They don’t have those brains. They don’t have those brains. They have their sword. They know that once they are in a majority like Kashmir, they’ll either convert or finish … Continue reading

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Madrasa Reforms: A Leading Maulana’s Plea

The media might portray them as vehemently opposed to change, but that is not quite an apt description of the Indian ulema as a class. Here, as elsewhere, such banal generalizations are quite unwarranted. In recent years, in fact, a … Continue reading

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Another phatwa

The barely-based Daarul-Ifta-Manjar-e-Islam has acted against Salman after the actor took part in the Ganesh Puja celebrations in Mumbai. The organisation said unless Salman reads the Kalmas all over again, he would not be considered a Muslim. The order was … Continue reading

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Double-faced Maharashtra govt saving killer cops

The Congress Chief Minister promises action on Sri Krishna Commission’s recommendations but his police department shamelessly files an affidavit in the High Court on Tuesday that there was no need for action against cops charged with killing innocent Muslims at … Continue reading

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The Battle Of Badr And Fate Of 1.2 Billion Muslims

The Battle of Badr was the first Muslim resistance against the Arab pagans. It was March 624, Muslim army consisting of “Ansars, host from Medinaâ€? and the Meccan exiles, against the powerful and arrogant Quraish, the lord of Mecca. This … Continue reading

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