Hindu Students Studying Quran In A Madrasah

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Patna: Madrasa Madinat-ul Islam is just like any other Madarsa in India. But a few students make this Madarsa different and very special. These students are Ashish Vidyarthi and Hemlata. They are the children of Mr. Dilip Kumar Chaudhury, an Indian Railway employee.

Ashish and HemlataAshish is 6-years-old and Hemlata is 9-years-old. They are studying the Holy Quran and the Urdu language at Madarsa Madinat-ul-Islam. It is situated in Khagaul, near Danapur Railway Station, Patna, Bihar. Continue reading Hindu Students Studying Quran In A Madrasah

Rediff waali Sheela Maam

I never heard her name before. She is actually a Managing Editor at our darling, rediff.com. I wonder how managing editors rediff has in their ranks but she definitely does deserves a mention here.

To begin with

The three injured, who were taken from the hospital to a police station, were two engineering students from Pune who were at the Lumbini Park and a 25-year-old man identified as Abdullah from Assam who was present at the popular eatery in Kothi.

So you now know that Abdullah’s life will now become a living hell. Why the names of other survivors not mentioned? Needs no clarification because it’s just the prejudiced mindset….I really can’t help.

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Terrorists Strike Again At Hyderabad

Four months after bomb blasts in Mecca Masjid terrorists struck again in Hyderabad in the evening of 25th August at around 7.50 p.m. just when I started to go to Hyderabad airport after conducting workshops on peace and communal harmony and learnt about these blasts on reaching the airport around 8.20 p.m. It was a great shock for me too as I was elated that the youth, students, women and police had greeted these workshops with great enthusiasm. And it had such anti-climax that city witnessed such horrible carnage. I returned a very sad person though a few moments before I was elated at the success. Continue reading Terrorists Strike Again At Hyderabad

Ding Dong, K2 is gone

IMB is finally free from the clutches of K2 which had enslaved us ever since this blog came into existence. It was a voluntary enslavement because there weren’t any better options. (OK, now don’t read too much into the line..I know many of you would 😀 )

We are really excited to bring to you a customized theme for IM blog, something which was boiling in our heads for long. At this point of time we would like to thank Jauhari, for designing this theme, and above all our dear readers who have made this a forum for open discussion.

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Twin Blasts Rip Hyderabad: 36 Killed, 40 Injured

The merchants of darkness have stuck yet again. They have targeted the city of Hyderabad again within three months of the blasts at Makkah Masjid.

At least 34 people have been killed in two blasts, minutes apart, in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, officials say.

One explosion rocked an amusement park, killing at least nine people, while another blast hit a popular eating place miles away.

Some 50 people were injured in the incidents, in Andhra Pradesh state. [BBC News]

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Its cool to be a Muslim

A new generation is emerging. Young, happening, educated individuals and yet very much Muslims. While sitting recently with a group of young savvy’s discussing travel, the dialogue went all the road encircling our communication, and then someone mentioned Islam, I kept quiet to see their reaction, but with authority and details infact with much easiness Prophet, his colleagues and “hadits� were discussed, with it the beauty of Islam. It took me some time to sink in the thought that these dudes were not paper Muslims, with only Muslim names, but well balanced, positive, modern yet practicing Muslims, the guys knew it all, at least the basics.
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Whose Mecca Is This?

As I read this article on Yahoo recently, a sense of resignation hit me.

Mecca’s hallowed skyline transformed: Excerpts
The building boom is in some cases destroying Mecca’s historic heritage, not just overshadowing it. In 2002, Saudi authorities tore down a 200-year-old fort built by the city’s then-rulers, the Ottomans, on a hill overlooking the Kaaba to build a multi-million-dollar housing complex for pilgrims.
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Sanskrit as the link language?

Dr. Subramanian Swamy while celebrating Hindu Unity Day in US made the following comment:

He also suggested that Sanskrit, not Hindi, to be made the link language of India as it connects Indians to their past.

I have studied Sanskrit for 5 years and studied in Hindi medium school for 10 years and I can safely say that neither are link language of India. Continue reading Sanskrit as the link language?