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Join The Struggle

If you have not watched the movie “Garam Hawa” I will say that you don’t read this post any further because it may spoil the movie for you. I would highly recommend this to any one to understand the situation … Continue reading

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Islamic Terrorism: A Fundamental Mistake

The first time I heard terms like ‘Islamic terrorist’ and ‘Islamic terrorism’ I got both angry and sad. Angry because the media got it all so wrong and sad because of the amount of bad publicity Islam as a religion … Continue reading

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What About The Victims Of Bombay Riots?

Justice has a sense of irony. In one corner of the world, as Dr. Muhammad Haneef was being released from the prison with terrorism charges dropped against him, Yaqub Memon in another corner, Mumbai to be precise, was being sentenced … Continue reading

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Experts Have A Dialogue On Islam At NW/WP

Newsweek and Washington Post hosted a dialogue at their ‘On Faith’ website over the controversial issues related with Islam and Muslims. The uniqueness of this forum is that some leading Muslim theologians and thinkers like Shaykh Goma and Tariq Ramadan as well as … Continue reading

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Dr. Mohammad Haneef To Be Released

Finally some good news. The Australian authorities have dropped terror charges against an Indian-born doctor over the failed car bomb attacks in the UK. Mohamed Haneef had been accused of giving “reckless support” to terrorism by providing a relative in … Continue reading

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Urdu in India: opportunities and challenges

Since Urdu was recognized as a language, people have been claiming that Urdu is dead or going to die very soon. This trend still continues even though now we have more Urdu speakers than ever before. Prophets of doom may … Continue reading

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Time For Change: Please Help Us With Your Ideas!

From time to time we have received emails from our readers about their experience at Indian Muslims. Quite a few of them have urged us to provide more diversity in terms of topics we cover. Others deal with the aesthetic … Continue reading

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Farewell to Chacha Kalam

And yes this Chacha is a man of science so pure of human emotions 😛 He is, without even a shadow of doubt, the most beloved president India has ever seen. He was really the people’s president. Being a man … Continue reading

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A Muslim’s Viewpoint

(This was written in Aug 2005 and was published on Rediff. Reposting it here as thought it relevant in the context of recent discussions)  There cannot be any justification for killing innocents. As Manmohan Singh said ‘There is no cause, … Continue reading

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Picture of the day: Lies do kill

But millions have died after Bush lied.

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