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Are our Highways safe?

The recent tragic death of Sahib Singh Verma brings one very important question which has been ignored so far. Former Delhi chief minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) vice president Sahib Singh Verma, 63, was killed in an accident on … Continue reading

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Let Sania Play In Peace

The standards of journalism continue to get lower. They will report news where there is no news and create news when they need to do. Latest being the case of Sania Mirza parterning with Shahar Peer. I got this interview … Continue reading

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Madam President

Pratibha Patil has made a slippery start to her presidential career. No one expects magic from her, well to be frank she appears to be another puppet Sonia Gandhi seems to have gotten under her supervision. Sonia Gandhi obviously wanted … Continue reading

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Muslims against terrorism

A picture, a link and some quotes Seeds of extremism is in communal riots: Sayeed Khan TCN: What was your focus when you established MY India – social work or an educational endeavor or politics? Sayeed: MY India aims at … Continue reading

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Khushwant Singh on Babri Masjid

The bitterness created between communities by vandals who took part in knocking down the mosque still lingers becaue perpetrators of the crime remain unpunished.They strut about like peacocks, proud of what they did, and make no secret of their plans … Continue reading

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Bhagalpur Riots: 14 Accused Convicted After 18 Years

It’s official now. It takes approximately 20 years to make some sort of legal headway against perpetrators of riots in India. The victims of anti-Sikh riots of Delhi waited for 20 years before the Nanavati Commission submitted its report in … Continue reading

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Save your belongings with a 100 thousand lock

This post is meant to advertise a new lock which is unique. It doesn’t have the latest technologies like bio-medical techniques like finger print reader or a face recognition (this technology can also recognize faces other than Saif’s) and nor … Continue reading

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Pratibha Patil, Purdah And Prejudice

To start with, credit where it is due. The picture of a veiled woman I posted a few days back was taken by Mirjam, a fine photographer from Netherlands who visits India regularly and has a great photo-gallery at Flickr. … Continue reading

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Hindu Hafiz and Muslim Pundit

Strange as it may sounds, this is the two stories that we saw in this month of June. Strange because in the environment of hate that has filled India and the Western world stories like these are hard to find. … Continue reading

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The Salmanic Verses: Knighthood For Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie might have become Sir Salman Rushdie courtesy his recent elevation to knighthood but unfortunately he will always be remembered by his middle name: Controversy. It is unfortunate because Salman Rushdie has been one of the most famous Indian … Continue reading

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