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Malegaon Civic Elections: Surprise Or No Surprise?

Malegaon, also known as the Manchester of Maharastra because of its powerlooms and textile based economy, was rocked by bomb blasts last September in which more than 30 innocent lives were lost. More than 300 people were injured and as … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Wondered Why Drinking Is Haram In Islam?

Well, now you know why. The Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission has asked the state police to explain why they have kept in custody a man who claimed while drunk that he’s a Pakistani. Shafaque Ahmed Siddiqui, a tailor, has … Continue reading

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Why the mistrust?

The trust of people on the protectors of law and order in a country is imperative for peace to exist. Any mistrust could escalate violence by acting as an incipient point for crime. Cooperation between the police and the public … Continue reading

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The Politics of Intolerance

Guest Post by Raza Rumi Sadia Dehlivi sent me her recently published article that raises some pointed questions. Her approach is direct and expresses unflinching support for tolerance. I thought this would be of interest to the several readers on … Continue reading

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20 Years Of Hashimpura Massacre

22 May 2007 marked the 20th anniversary of Hashimpura massacre when 40 Muslims from Hashimpura, Meerut were killed in cold blood by the personnel of Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC). Even by the gory standards of police brutality in India this … Continue reading

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Mohammed Iqbal, His “Shikwa Aur Jawab e Shikwa”, Complaint And Answer

Shikwa (complaint) and Jawab-e-Shikwa (answer to the complaint) are two of the most famous poems written by Sir Muhammad Iqbal. In Shikwa Iqbal complaints to the creator for his perceived indifference to the state of Muslims and in Jawab-e-Shikwa he gets an answer from the creator. Continue reading

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Thoughts on Blast during Friday prayers at the Mecca Masjid

The motive behind the blast during Friday prayers at the Mecca Masjid seems to have been determined by the investigating authorities, to cause tension among Hindus and Muslims. The perpetrators, as claimed by the authorities, are no strangers to us. … Continue reading

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Through Civil Services via Urdu

The achievement of Mohammad Qaisar Abdul Haq who secured 32nd rank in the Civil Services examination, is doubly creditable as he not only comes from a small town like Malegaon but wrote his examination papers in Urdu. The son of … Continue reading

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Blast during Friday prayers

They never stop. The dragons of communalism are out to quench their thirst of blood. This time those perverts have attacked Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad. At least five people were killed and 16 injured when a blast went off near … Continue reading

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The One In Which Rooh Afza Caused Riots

One story that will stay with me from my two years in Korea is probably apocryphal. A professor from the department I was enrolled at went to attend a conference in India. As he was going to the airport to … Continue reading

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