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The women in black

If you understand Urdu then please watch the video below [youtube]yOcDmlgRoxI[/youtube] Female students of Jamia Hafsa seminary, backed by male students of other Madrassas, prevailed on the Islamabad police after a day long showdown here on Wednesday. The trouble started … Continue reading

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The legacy of AMU Girl’s High School

A video you cannot afford to miss!

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Sadia Dehlvi on Women Sufis of Delhi

Guest contribution by Raza Rumi Writer, mediaperson and social worker, Sadia Dehlvi, sent this version of her article that was earlier published by the Hindustan Times “One of my favourite verses of the Quran is Surah Al Azhab which makes … Continue reading

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The solutions,Story-IV

Part of share your story series. This comes from Soni. I’m from a orthodox Hindu brahmin family, studied in a Convent school and one of my very good friends in school was a Muslim. It was a paradox I lived … Continue reading

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The solutions,Story-III

Part of share your story series This is not exactly a story but views about the divide. The author wishes to indentify himself as CK. After thinking about this a while, and interacting with and talking with the various Muslims … Continue reading

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Different shades of India

Raza Rumi has picture of the graves of Nizamuddin Auliya and Ghalib sent by his friend on visit to Delhi Read more here Ever seen the first mosque in India? This is the picture of the first Masjid in India, … Continue reading

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IM blog Roundup-3

Fellow blogger Adnan has written about why Indian Muslims are away from terrorism. He has raised issues like freedom of expression guaranteed by the democratic setup of the country. In this democracy you can shout from the rooftop that you have … Continue reading

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Comments are working again

I apologize for the glitch which caused the comments to  stop functioning. It was the WWW redirect plugin causing the trouble. Logging in to posts comments has been temporarily disabled because spammers seems to be too concerned for the rights … Continue reading

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Why Indian Muslims are away from terrorism?

Extremism has gripped Muslims all over the world due to various reasons. The upsurge started in 1700s when Sheikh Abdul Wahab stressed the need to purify Islam of the evil practices it has incorporated in its fold. Saudi Arabia played … Continue reading

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Muslims need a political party

Is the Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind (JUeH) really becoming a force to reckon with? It has earned laurels in the aftermath of Nandigram violence by championing for the cause of deceased farmers irrespective of religion. The Hindustan Times reports An un- known … Continue reading

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