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Kashmir’s Pains

Human Rights Watch talk about the Kashmir situation: Behind The Kashmir Conflict Summary The dramatic escalation in May 1999 of cross-border shelling between India and Pakistan, and fighting between Indian troops and militants who have crossed over from Pakistan, have … Continue reading

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The Destruction Of Our Shared Cultural Heritage

kuuchaa-e-yaar ain Kaasii hai jogii-e-dil vahaaN kaa baasii hai pii ke bairaag kii udaasii suuN dil pe mere sadaa udaasii hai Beloved’s lane is exactly like holy city of Kashi My ascetic heart dwells therein Due to the sadness of … Continue reading

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Open Thread: Gujarat Violence, Five Years Later

The fifth anniversary of the tragedy of Gujarat is upon us. In these days of TRP-driven news coverage where any issue is relevant till the next breaking news, five years seem an eternity. IM Blog is solemnly commemorating those sad … Continue reading

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Delhi’s Able Daughter: Sadia Dehlvi

Sadia Dehlvi’s accomplishments negate the myths about the status of Muslims in India As her name suggests, Sadia Dehlvi personifies Delhi in all its dimensions – the old, the contemporary, the changing and the permanent. As she remarks at her … Continue reading

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Disrespect of the Indian Flag

  Notice the Indian flag lying on her feet of this self proclaimed divine woman. If this women would have been remotely Muslim then I am sure there would have been many innocents killed in the name of anti-India feeling and disrespecting the … Continue reading

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Rediff goes again-II

Rediff considers every Pakistani as a Muslim and every Indian as a Hindu. According to B Raman Pakistan’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Khusro Bakhtiar made the following statement in National Assembly the identities of 49 of the 68 … Continue reading

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The Bombs Of Hatred

At least 68 people have died in the gruesome act of terror on the Samjhauta Express. The terrorists struck a day before Pakistani foreign minister was to arrive in Delhi for talks and a week before the 5th anniversary of … Continue reading

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The Mongol Catastrophe and Aurangzeb

I come across some funny opinions. Mongol Catastrophe This ( was rather interesting. To quote this writer: “…The relatively unknown story of how the Jihadis tormented the Mongols and Turks leading to a fierce and vicious counter-attack by the Mongols … Continue reading

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Rediff goes again

Rediff always lives upto its expectations. This time it has highlighted the controversial figure of Aurangzeb to pander to fascists. By inciting passions it just puts the peace in a perilous situation. Assuming that all the allegations against him are … Continue reading

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