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Why Bal Thackeray Is Angry?

Bal Thackeray is an angry old man. He has been out of power for more than 7 years in Maharastra, his party is in disarray, his trusted lieutenants have left him, his own nephew revolted against his authority. And he … Continue reading

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Is India’s English Media Communal?

GHULAM MUHAMMED Four culprits with non-Muslim names were arrested near Andheri Railway Station, in suburban Mumbai, selling RDX explosives, apparently ‘stolen from Military base’ at Devlali. Since Gujarat communal riots, which is commonly believed to be whipped up by Hindutva … Continue reading

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In Support Of Vinod Mehta And Outlook

The latest issue of Outlook published an article by Taslima Nasrin on burqa and now a section is up in arms against the editor of weekly magazine and demanding registration of police case against Vinod Mehta. Scores of memoranda and … Continue reading

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The SICKular parties

My grandfather once remarked, “Mulayam Singh Yadav is the best person for the job of PM of this country because of Muslim appeasement and the wonderful job he has done in UP”. That was during the time of Babri Masjid … Continue reading

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Urdu and Unity

Today I went to some Muslim muhalla to meet some people. A bit of background is necessary. I am a bengali and know only three languages: Bengali, Urdu/Hindi and English. The people in the region I went to are mostly … Continue reading

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Are Muslims protesting too much?

Muslims took to streets of Delhi on Friday to protest the execution of Saddam Hussein. They were marching towards the US embassy but were stopped near Daryaganj bridge. Thousands of Muslims carrying banners and placards participated in the demonstration. The ‘duaa’ was … Continue reading

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Crazy Indian Muslims

P.S : I just want to highlight some existing evils in our society. These words may be too harsh for some. I recommend sensitive people from not reading the following post. There are some characteristics unique to Indian muslims. Many … Continue reading

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Its principles or Its followers?

What makes a religion powerful and influential? Is it the principles and morals its teaches or the actions of its followers? My parents being pious muslims they brought me up teaching that Islam is the best religion (or should I … Continue reading

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First Anniversary Of

It was a short post that kick-started this blog. Since then we have written 134 posts and received 421 comments. Along the way we made a lot of friends and a few enemies. Amazing people joined us producing quality content. … Continue reading

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Hajj 1427 report – ‘Stoning the Devil’

Mina, KSA – Pilgrims completed the ritual stoning of the devil without any untoward incidents. They started the stoning after pre dawn prayers & thanked God for the safe Hajj this year. Many pilgrims praised King Abdullah & other saudi … Continue reading

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