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What can we do? welcomes another contributor to the IM Blog. Noemaun graduated last year from IIT Madras and is now a graduate student at RPI. He blogs at Most things in life are free. Excerpts from the Sachar committee report have hit … Continue reading

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Why only muslims? welcomes another contributor to the IM Blog. Bushra is from Delhi and has graduated last year from Hansraj College. She blogs at هو Ù?ÙŠ كل كتب. Being a Muslim, we all are somewhat assured about one thing, if anything … Continue reading

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Madarsas cater to just over 4% of Muslim kids

Excerpts of the Sachar committee report say that very few Muslim children go to madarsas and it puts the figure at a mere 4.3%. It shows that despite all the brouhaha over madarsas, Muslims overwhelmingly prefer school education. But that’s … Continue reading

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Worldly education-II

I had written about the status of education among Muslims. Continuing on that, I would like to add different perspectives to it. I would like to analyze this issue based on male and female education. While some Muslims have taken … Continue reading

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Blog revamp

The theme of this blog has been changed. As you would notice a lot has changed in terms of look. The changes are- 1. The post and comment feeds are and respectively. Please update your feed URLs. 2. You can … Continue reading

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Sania in Burqa!

‘These pictures were taken during Sania’s visit for Umrah this September Source

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Another rape victim

Another controversy has arisen and as usual everyone is up in arms against it. Please read that article before continuing here. I am not getting into the details of the case but I would like to question the Islam obsessed … Continue reading

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What about Burqa huh?

The Hijab controversy doesn’t seem to die out. As Yusuf puts it The recent controversy generated in India by the comments of actress turned politician Shabana Azmi as to whether veil is mandatory for Muslim women or not has lead … Continue reading

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And this is why we need this blog!

People have often argued with me about why do you need a special blog about Indian Muslims. People argue that we present muslims as being victims and build our whole argument on it. They think we should blend better with … Continue reading

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More Muslims in Jails: What’s surprising?

While Muslims constitute nearly 15% of India’s population they are over-represented in prisons where they are often 25-30% or even more. In 8 states, they comprise 24% of prison population. Of course in Maharashtra the situation is alarming, 10.6% of … Continue reading

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