Muslim Ghettos

Aqsa talks about the deplorable condition of Muslim majority area in Delhi

“Walled city� still continues to be the “safest muslim neighbourhood in India� and probably for that reason the “walled city dwellers� are paying a huge price!
We don’t have good roads…its said that walled city is all about dingy streets, busy markets, butchers, and ignorant people!
Nobody wants to peep into the not-so-Delhi kind of a place that’s a big black spot on delhi’s posh neighbourhoods and markets. Only those who have a good taste in food visit the karim’s which is famous for its chicken! Others treat walled city as if its not there!
During the time of the so called “emergency� hundreds of houses were destroyed in the name of the master plan or sanjay gandhi’s dream of making Delhi as good as Paris.
Those people are still waiting to get their share of walls! Some people who were lucky enough were allotted mcd flats but the condition of mcd flats in turkman gate area is not less than slums. When you stand there..its a scary experience..
People have learned to make this distinction between “old Delhiâ€? and “new Delhiâ€? so much so that children from “old Delhiâ€? don’t get admissions to good schools in “new Delhiâ€?.
The authorities blatantly give the reason…â€?sorry we don’t take students from the walled cityâ€?…â€?rules are rulesâ€?..
they can take students who live in noida..a city in haryana that just touches Delhi..but they cannot take students from the “walled city�..MAY BE WE ARE NOT HUMANS OR NOT COMPATIBLE TO OUR NEW DELHI COUNTERPARTS!!!
One of my uncles is trying to get his daughter admitted to a convent just 20 mins from our place…but they gave the reason…â€?we don’t take children from your areaâ€?.
When I joined hansraj one of the top most colleges in India I was reminded time and again…that I belong to “old Delhi�…but now I care a damn!
The rest of the people only talk of “walled city� when they want to compare it with the lavish “new Delhi�..
and for most of them…�old Delhi� is just not there!



Old city represented is often represented by orthodox Muslim families and the hi-tech city represented by modern and liberal families. I got these pictures from HT. There are many noteworthy features about those pictures. They not only represent different dressing but they also reveal the economic backwardness of Muslims; the boy in the first image has a kite but the girl in the other picture has a doll! Lack of modernity is represented by no background music the first picture. Another striking feature of the  first picture is the position of women, notice how they have been pushed to the background whereas the blonde with an umbrella is leading in the second picture; an indication how patriarchal system is prevalent among Muslims. The family in the second picture has a uniformed butler but no such luxury for the family in the first Picture. Notice also the number of children in the first pic as compared to the second one. Thank God they didn’t show more than one woman in the first pic!

Well to be frank I have observed this difference in every city I have been; Muslim majority areas are backward as compared to others, they usually have narrow dirty and filthy streets with people in traditional dresses. People there are generally jobless and so small groups of flirts and perverts is a common sight, they flaunt and generally dream about lavish living and how they wanna break free from the orthodoxies. Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Amir Khan are role their role models. They try to follow them in their dressing sense with whatever they have at their disposal but most sadly they cannot visualize the burqa clad women to be their sexy heroines. Their whole lives revolve around a virtual world they have carved out for them and in their language they are Kool! Then there are married men who find it hard to control their fetish desires (read it again if you don’t understand..that fetish word is the key) and often end up making a cricket team! They then marry off their daughters to some sheikh in gulf or anyone with a job abroad.

Imrana case update

A court in Muzaffarnagar on Thursday held Ali Mohammed guilty of raping his daughter-in-law Imrana, over a year after the case sparked a nationwide furore when a panchayat ruled she should leave her husband.

In a packed courtroom, District and Sessions Judge R D Nimesh held Mohammed guilty for raping Imrana, a resident of Charthawal village in Uttar Pradesh.


The much debated Imrana case came to its logical conclusion on Thursday when the district judge of Muzaffarnagar pronounced a 10-year jail term Imrana’s father-in-law, who had raped his daughter-in-law in May 2005.

The court also slapped a fine of Rs 10,000 on Mohammad.
“Out of this money, Rs 8,000 would be given to Imrana,” Government counsel Raj Bahadur Singh told over telephone from Muzaffarnagar.

More on this here

Yusuf has recollected his memories of the case and has come up with his arguments against the inane judgement passed by the revered muftis

It just belies my imagination that how can three Muftis of Dar-ul-Uloom, Deoband even attest to such a fatwa. No one needs to be a Mufti in Islamic Shariah to understand that this Fatwa is inherently flawed and against all principles of Islamic Justice. Rape is not Adultery. It seems Islamic Jurists in both Pakistan and India dont either know what rape is or they dont understand what adultery or zinah is. Rape is zinah-ul-jabr (Adultery by force). Here one who commits rape is the Adulterer and one who is raped is a victim. How can a victim be punished for adultery or her marriage declared annuled? She did not get raped by her choice. This act was forced on her.

He then questions the very basis of this Fatwa which fails to differentiate rape from adultery.

It has come to light according to Islamonline that in old books of Hunafi Fiqh (The School of Thought) rape is also considered adultery. This view is rejected by all other schools of Islam – Maliki, Shaffi, Hunbali, and even the Shia School of Thought – Jaffri. I havent read the old books of Hunafi Fiqh and so I dont know if that statement is true or not. But if it is true then we should discard this view as it is not being supported by any other School of Thought. Even a famous Hunafi Scholar in India Maulana Akhlaq Husain Qasimi has asked for ijtehad on this matter. The Scholars of other schools of thought found the arguments given in favour of rape also being considered an act of adultery for the victim and her subsequent annulment of marriage very weak.

Islamonline has also come strongly against the fatwa and said it has no basis at all in either Quran or Sunnah or Shariah. A Rape Victim should be treated with utmost respect and she cannot be victimised for the crime committed on her even if it has been done by her father-in-law.

He concludes by

In the meantime the educated Muslims of India should counteract such media frenzy of distortion of Islam. The onus is upon us as Indian Muslims to be vociferous and active in weeding out any propaganda against Islam in the media and present a true picture of our faith. The so-called Muftis should help Indian Muslims in this regard and not make our life difficult.

Is It ‘Hindu Terrorism’?

Is It Hindu Terrorism?Two days back LTTE suicide bombers attacked a naval base in Sri Lanka killing at least 103 and injuring another 150, a news that did not find much prominence in our mainstream media.

For decades LTTE (Tamil tigers who are Hindu) have killed thousands in the Buddhist majority island nation. The modern suicide bombings were perfected by LTTE long before others and they have committed assacres after massacres. However, if a militant group happens to be Muslim, anywhere in the world from Philippines to Chechnya, it is dubbed Islamic militant or Muslim terrorist. Never Christian (IRA, Basque), Jew, Buddhist, Hindu but always Muslim terrorists. Of course, the term Sikh terrorists was used for Khalistanis.

Mulayam Singh Yadav Vs Congress

For almost a fortnight Urdu papers in UP have been carrying at least one front page advertisement daily about the benefits to Muslims during the Samajwadi Party rule vis-a-vis Congress.

Of the 25 cabinet ministers 5 are Muslims in state (=20%), of the 37 Lok Sabha members of SP 7 are Muslims (19%), of the 16 Rajya Sabha members 4 are Muslims (=25%) and of the 186 MLAs, 26 are Muslim (nearly 15%)—a historic representation, never given to community in the past. Besides, for the first time in 59 years, the top positions in state like Commissioner Higher education, Subordinate Selection Board, Chief Information Commissionr an Advocate General have been given to Muslims.

Above is the text of one such advertisment. True, it is undeniable that Muslims (18.5-19% of UP’s population) were never given such representation in  the state under 40 years of Congress rule. Clearly, SP is in the election mode. The foundation stone of Mohammad Ali Jauhar university has been laid. And similar other plans/schemes are being projected every day. Surely, Congress faces herculean task if it wants Muslim voters to switch back to the party.

Now another advertisement says, ‘When wearing a skullcap or sporting a beard had become a crime and every darhi-topi wala was a suspect in Congress ruled states, administration in UP remained just, unbiased and sensitive towards minorities, there were no illegal detainments, and the state also remained peaceful. The arrest of tablighi jamaat members in neighbouring Congress-ruled Uttaranchal and action on Masood Madani, who was tortured by police, seem to have affected the image of Congress. In coming months the pitch would be raised higher and the fight for Muslim votes would intensify. Let’s see if the MY combination still reigns or the BSP manages to rope in Upper Castes and get back the power in UP.


Married to a Saudi!

I know it’s nothing unusual but still

THE CITY police have sought the help of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) as well as the Oman government to rescue two young Muslim women who have complained of “torture beyond endurance� by their Omani husbands within weeks of their marriage.

The two women, Sameena Begum (23) and Nazia Begum (20), were married to photos of their husbands by a local quazi and then taken to Oman on September 25 to be united with their husbands. On Tuesday, both of them tele phoned their family members alleging that their husbands (who happen to be twins) were epileptics and were subjecting them to cruelty.

The women complained that the marriage brokers in Hyderabad had conned them into matrimony, stating that the two Omanis were young men working in government and drawing decent salaries. But on reaching, they found that the two were aged men and suffering used to visit Hyderabad regularly and broker marriages for aged and old people who could not find brides in their country. He had also married two women from the old city area but deserted them after a brief fling.

The police said they had written to the Indian embassy seeking its help. “Our priority is to bring the women back to India,� said inspector Sai Krishna, who is investigating the case.

and two agents who had brokered the clandestine marriage .They were produced in court and remanded in judicial custody.

The police are on the lookout for Hosni, who from epilepsy and violent mood swings.

Sameera informed her parents that her husband confined her into a room, tried to strangle and jump on her abdomen. Shaken, her parents rang up Al Hosni, the Omani national who had escorted the girls from Hyderabad to Oman, but the latter demanded Rs 75,000 before releasing the two women.

Acting on the complaint of the parents, the police arrested three quazis.

Source- HT, 13th October 2006

Fathers, old orthodox and often bigots, coerce their daughters to get married to such people and then often end up in ruining the lives of innocents. Not just among Muslims but this practice is common in Punjab and other parts of North India. Mostly these marriages are for money. Fathers marry off their daughters in hope for a brighter future and lavish living, a freedom from abject poverty that most of these families are subjected to. Then there are dalals who direct the whole fictitious marriage, well marriage just for the name sake; a marriage with photo or online marriage or even telephonic! And of course there are greedy Mullahs who can make way for any possibility. The end result, the innocent virgin being raped by her, father like, husband. I can’t even imagine how she feels when she is confronted with an elderly man ready to let loose his sexual lust on her. Well in most cases the man has to be a shameless scoundrel whose morality has been traded for libido. These viagra powered men try to defy age and also malign the sacred ritual of marriage. They shatter the dreams of those innocent and benign young girls, marriages like these will continue to haunt them even if they are rescued.

This is highly disturbing to see such marriages taking place when shariyah has no room for such marriages! The shariyah says that for a marriage to take place, the bride and the groom should be present under a single roof.

4:128. And if a woman fears cruelty or desertion on her husband’s part, there is no sin on them both if they make terms of peace between themselves; and making peace is better. And human inner-selves are swayed by greed. But if you do good and keep away from evil, verily, Allâh is Ever Well Acquainted with what you do.

Secondly, its again ignorance on the parent’s part, that they let their girls get married to people without taking the pain of making sure that he is the right match. Even if it’s lucrative or whatever but it is a question concerning one life. When shariah has given clear commandments then why do people fall prey to such heinous crimes? In the end we can easily blame the culprit but what about the innocent eyes which were subjected to those hellish scenes? Will they blame and forget like we do?

There is also a trend that is being followed in these marriages. While Punjabis mostly prefer Canada, Muslims prefer Saudi. My dad used to critisize these Saudi obsessed Muslims. He graduated from AMU but then he didn’t take the flight to gulf after that. His argument was that they waste their technological skills in working in the Gulf as most of the companies are not production based. My uncle has an interesting incident to narrate. While interviewing people for a technical job a shekh preferred a diploma holder over a bachelor degree holder just because diploma was a degree he was hearing for the first time! So basically Gulf has nothing to offer in terms of professionalism so what would the grooms there offer? 🙂


This article has been coauthored my Sharique and Bushra. 

Right to kill – 2

I always shun controversy but somehow often end up in one, over the period it seems now I relish controversy so I have raked up another mini one by posting
Right to kill” both on my blog and at Indianmuslims. As expected there were quite some number of responses on both the blogs, while some like mona were pretty confused about their stand, others like atlantean were outright rhetoric and nearly abusive in their remarks. There were others like sharique who think execution is right since its valid according to Islam, but say that Afzal shouldn’t be executed since he didn’t get a fair trial. Each one of them are right in one sense or other. Lets analyse some of the important points.

Coming to one person at a time, The fact is that most Indians are confused on whether the death sentence should be given in any case or not. I am talking here of the masses, they are not so opinionated and so get swayed away by the rhetoric spread by vested interests. Secondly, a lot of people are sayin since execution is a valid punishment according to the sharia, What big deal if Afzal is executed. After all Islam or the sharia demands eye for an eye, I am not a learned scholar on Islam or any religion. But what I believe in is humanity and my belief in humanity doesn’t let me believe that execution is the best way to deter crime. If that means that I am a little less Muslim then others then let it be the case. Frankly, I have the right to define my own principles unless they infringe on some else’s right to live peacefully.

Another thing that is being talked about time and again is that he should not be hanged because he did not get a fair trial, I don’t know if its true or not. But the fact is that in most high profile cases, some poor fella or the other has to be sacrificed, Can you imagine what would had been the case If even Afzal was cleared of charges?? So someone had to be executed, right. Now this certainly looks like one of those conspiracy theories, the fact is that it is one. But I am cooking it intentionally so that I can highlight what actually goes behind all the cases where death penalties are usually awarded. Most of the ones convicted are poor people who don’t have access to proper legal aid or are denied the same as it seems to in case of Afzal. That puts a strong case why India should do away with death penalty, because its highly discriminatory and there might not be a single instance where a rich or influential person would have been sent to the gallows.

The most scathing comments as expected come from the extreme elements of the society, Whenever I or anyone tries to criticize death penalty, the first question the fanatics ask is what would I have done if it was my family. Now I can’t stoop down to their level of sarcasm, so won’t list their other questions but for once would like to answer them. My answer is yes, I would feel and do my best to rip of the single piece of flesh from his bones, I would want to put that person on a crucifix till every drop of blood drips out of him. But, this is one of the most important “But” I would have ever used, what next? Can we have everyone ripping each others flesh for every crime. Someone some where quoted that “An eye for an eye would leave the world blind” to which someone added that, If the state does it for the victim, the animosity would end. I don’t see that as a justifiable explanation, I don’t see a group of arrogant old men capable of deciding on the right to live of soul especially with their eyes closed. Simply because even if at a later stage it is found that the convict wasn’t actually guilty, the sentence can’t be reversed and this is bound to happen often, remember the old men have their eyes closed!!!

One more point that hasn’t been discussed, People say all terrorist should be hanged so that we can deter others from committing similar crimes. My question is does this work?, does a person become a terrorist for fun, That he would suddenly get scared and leave the path of terror for the fear of being executed. The fact is that the moment these people choose this path, they know its a path to death, so you can’t deter them by the threat of something which they would gloriously accept. Just a look at world history and one would realize terror can never be beaten by terror, America could never win peace with the Iranians, Iraqis, Afghans or any other country that it tried to terrorize into submission. While on the other hand Britain managed to disarm the IRA(Irish republican army) by getting into negotiations, giving concessions to their genuine demands. This helped in killing the reasons for which they had taken the path of terror, Soon they lost their ground level support and negotiated peace. Similarly Spain has finally woken up to the reality and is talking to Basque and ETA separatists groups and they are themselves eager for the same.

Further, America allows execution while Europe doesn’t. So is America safer than Europe? Israel kills thousands of Palestenians every year so as to deter them from attacks, but is Israel safe? Has decades of Armed forces special powers act in some of the north east Indian states been able to stem the militancy? Has the presence of majority of the Indian military in Kashmir been able to stem the militancy there? Everyone knows the answer for these questions, So the fact is state terror in response to terror is not the solution.

I pray for the mental health of the fanatics who threaten our very right to speech the moment we talk about human rights. Comments like supporters of terrorism, pakisatni, leftists, mullah-marx alliance followers etc are a common thing the moment you talk of a human beings right to live gracefully even if he is a convict. Sadly, I am pretty sure that one more soul would be executed more so to satisfy the mob hsyteria and political gains, But isn’t following the mob a fascist mentality?

I repeat, “No human being has the right to decide whether the other is worth living in the world or not. No court or a collective body of people have the right to decide whether a person should live in this world or not, whatever the ground be.”

Jolt to Congress, Masood Madani quits

In a big jolt to Congress, Masood Madani, the grandson of freedom fighter late Maulana Husain Ahmad Madani and son of former Jamiat Ulama chief late Asad Madani, quit the party. He ruled out any possiblity of reconciliation with Congress in future.

For the beleaguered Congress it is a big setback and a loss of face. Also, it will surely affect Congress not only in Uttaranchal but in the forthcoming polls in UP. Masood Madani, a former Congress minister from Uttaranchal, announced the decision at a crowded press conference in Roorkee. Of course, the decision was expected ever since police allegedly mistreated him and lathi-charged his supporters. Madani issue had become a major embarrassment for Congress because he held rallies all over Uttaranchal and big crowds were seen in rallies.

Labelling the Congress leaders as anti-Muslim, Madani said ‘beared and skullcap wearing’ person is a suspect everywhere. He lamented that despite assurances ND Tiwari did not take action against any official responsible for the lathi-charge. He charged Congress government in Maharashtra of making life tough for ordinary Muslims and throwing the innocent in jails.
The patriotism of every Muslim is doubted in the present regime. He did not spell out which party was he going to join. ‘Despite thousands of communal riots and demolition of Babri Masjid during Congress rule we remained with the party, but the party leaders have now become so communalised that a patch up is impossible’, he said.


A Muslim among non-Muslims

How easy is it to be a Muslim among the non-Muslims? Ask someone from a Muslim majority area and he will tell that its a very perilous situation. He will base his arguments on the culture that exists in such localities, how modern people are and how difficult it will to get a match for marriage. I, having lived all my life among non-Muslims, don’t agree with his arguments except for the last one :). His fears are based on stories he has weaved around non-Muslims and this kind of victimized mentality leads to ghettoization.

Faiza has an interesting post on this.

My school is a Muslim minority Institution and that was where i learnt about Islam. I spent 14 years there, right from my KG to higher secondary. Apparenlty, 95% of the girls in my school were muslims so practising Islam was never a problem for us.
But Ethiraj was so different to me. That was te first time in my life I was amidst so many non muslims and I was infact a bit scared in the first few months. There were also a couple of my school friends who said that I would be treated indifferently since I am a muslim. That is certainly, not the truth. I studied in the evening college and the timings were really cool. We used o have only 3 hours of college, it starts at 2.45 and ends by 5.45. But during Ramadhan, we were allowed to leave half an hour earlier. I was really impressed. That was when i really felt the fraternity that our religion preaches and also the values of our Indian society. I go back home happily to break my fast and therfore, fasting was never difficult to me.
Now I’m in BIM. In the hostel. In a place where there are only 3 muslims. Getting food for sahar is a great challenge to us. But our friends are amazing. They are simply superb. I see so many of them asking me what I eat and whether i need any help. Needless to say about our warden Ma’m, Saranya and apparenlty Flames (that’s our gang!!). Ma’m prepared rasam for us, Gayathri made egg gravy, Nandy had lent me her cooker, and Goki did a big shopping with me for this! And there is also TV and Maha who asked me if they can cook for us.

I’m really glad. I’m grateful to Allah for having me born as an Indian. This is the spirit of India, Indians. Now i “feel” the meaning of the phrase “Unity in Diversity”. Above all, we are humans. Brothers and sisters, created by one God, the Almighty.

I have increasingly felt that living among non-Muslims has always made me realise my responsibilities as a Muslim. I am constantly reminded of things which I am not supposed to do. It’s like my test of piousness. I don’t get leaves for Friday prayers and no one arranges for congregational prayers. But people are so compromising and helpful that they are ready to help in whatever way they can. My Christian missionary school had a classroom booked for prayers during Ramdhan and students were given special leave during Friday prayers. Here in IITM we have special arrangements for sehar; a mess for food and prayers. The Iftaar party that we organize each year is taken in the right spirit by the administration and few high ranking officials do drop in.

What I feel is that this interaction is must for people of both the communities. Misconceptions are cleared and people get to know what Islam is all about. I had a visitor from my home town today. In our casual conversation he asked me, “are you fasting?”. My positive reply bewildered him. He was amazed how can i manage things here far away from home and above all how do I get fruits at 4 in the morning! Well he was under the impression that Muslims take only fruits in Sehar and that any other food will render the fast invalid. His bewilderment further grew when I told him that I that we are not even allowed to take water during fasting and that I go about doing my normal business during fasting. His confusion was because of lack of interaction with Muslims. Getting socially involved is an absolute must for a country like India which has a such huge diversity in culture. This social interaction narrows the existing divide. People get to know each others view point about topics ranging from religion to politics.

But sadly this communication gap seems to widen each day and the extremist voices are kept happy. They harness this lack on interaction to instill fear among people and weave their virulent agendas. The best way to handle these is my increasing our interactions. People from both the communities should take the initiative to educate the other.

I will write more about the Muslim ghetto societies and it’s ills under the post ‘The society we live in- II’. You can read the first post here

Right to kill

Right to kill.

The controversy over the death penalty has again come to fore, after a court directed the so called planner of the parliament attack,Mohd. Afzal, to be hanged. I don’t know and don’t want to know whether he is guilty or not, I am not interested in knowing what the law of the country say with regards to capital punishment, neither do I have any regards or respect for anyone or any institution which advocates capital punishment. I have a single minded thought on this issue – One of the very few things on which I am in no dilemma- No human being has the right to decide whether the other is worth living in the world or not. No court or a collective body of people have the right to decide whether a person should live in this world or not, whatever the ground be.

We talk about terrorism and it being destructive then, We talk about us being civilized and then we talk about hanging so called terrorists so as to terrorize the others from attacking us. Are we missing something out here, we just talked about being civilized which means constructive and then we talked about terrorizing others through the means of the state. Are we not resorting to what we abhor? In my view any religion, any state or any institution that wishes to decide the life of other human being has no moral right to claim to be a victim of terrorism cause it itself uses the same tool to defend itself.

All in all capital punishment is a form of terrorism in itself and should be done away with because no one has the right to kill other.

Indian Media & Muslim issues

The ‘Cash for Fatwa’ sting operation, the Vande Mataram controversy and the establishment of Mohammad Ali Jauhar University at Rampur where three important Muslim-related events (‘stories’ in journalistic parlance’) in the month of September and I observed the treatment to all three stories in media.

GOOD REPORTING: The sting operation ‘cash for fatwa’ was a good move, I feel personally.

UNFAIR REPORTING: The establishment of Mohammad Ali Jauhar University at Rampur was one of the most important events in the last 59 years for Indian Muslims but was mostly ignored & only its political implications or SP’s political move was taken up by media.

WRONG REPORTING: About singing Vande Mataram, stories emerged like cent percent or fifty percent madarsa students sang it was all wrong. In a state where none of the madarsa students sang it, an agency report filed without verifying facts was taken by most papers.
Let’s discuss coverage of all above issues one by one. 

First, the sting operation. I welcome it because mediamen after getting tip-off about such a practice where money was taken for issuing fatwa, decided to expose it. In recent past journalists were often wary of touching Muslim issues and it was more about editorial sermonising and similar reports rather than grassroot work and approaching the people/clergy.

Many organisations would only look for a Muslim journalist to cover Muslim issues, which I don’t consider is good for journalism. May be a few lacunae could be found in the sting but overall it was an expose that did stir the clergy and society. Much better to have journalists go and and meet Muslims and their clergy rather than pronouncing all madarsas as factories of fundamentalism from faraway studios.

Second, the establishment of the university after a long battle between SP and the Congress-appointed Governor was a major news. But it was media apathy at its best. There was hardly any coverage. Where are the proponents of constructive journalism? ”Poor Muslim villagers, on one channel, said that they were overwhelmed with the decision. ‘hamari sabse baRi zaruurat daanishgaah aur school haN’, said a vendor.

However, the few channels and papers who carried the story treated it as Congress Vs SP story. It’s impact in Rohilkhand and the Muslim politics of the region could also have been discussed. Or there were already fears of another AMU in UP that caused this disinterest? I consider it the biggest story concerning Indian Muslims to emerge in a decade.

3. In a state where none of the madarsa student in 4000 government affiliated and 3000 non affiliated madarsas sang the Vande Mataram, a report that most of the students sang it was factually wrong. I am not against singing but why such unfair reporting?

The reporter should have gone to at least a couple of madarsas and checked it out. But he did a very easy thing. He spoke to BJP appointed chief of State Madarsa Board, who naturally said that most students are singing. Ironically the story released by IANS (a major features agency) was published and as usual most papers that feed on agencies took the story.

However, the same day the only place where a BJP’s Muslim official was organising a recital, the employees refused to sing and thrashed him. The official had to ultimately quit his job also because of the anger. Interestingly, Ulema had already said that they had not received any directive in this regard besides the non-affiliated madarsas were not bound but a report was filed without any ground realities. Absolute untruth. Reporting should be fair, whether the story goes against a community or caste is not an issue but it should be correct.