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Muslim Ghettos

Aqsa talks about the deplorable condition of Muslim majority area in Delhi “Walled cityâ€? still continues to be the “safest muslim neighbourhood in Indiaâ€? and probably for that reason the “walled city dwellersâ€? are paying a huge price!We don’t have … Continue reading

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Imrana case update

A court in Muzaffarnagar on Thursday held Ali Mohammed guilty of raping his daughter-in-law Imrana, over a year after the case sparked a nationwide furore when a panchayat ruled she should leave her husband. In a packed courtroom, District and … Continue reading

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Is It ‘Hindu Terrorism’?

Two days back LTTE suicide bombers attacked a naval base in Sri Lanka killing at least 103 and injuring another 150, a news that did not find much prominence in our mainstream media. For decades LTTE (Tamil tigers who are … Continue reading

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Mulayam Singh Yadav Vs Congress

For almost a fortnight Urdu papers in UP have been carrying at least one front page advertisement daily about the benefits to Muslims during the Samajwadi Party rule vis-a-vis Congress. Of the 25 cabinet ministers 5 are Muslims in state (=20%), … Continue reading

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Married to a Saudi!

I know it’s nothing unusual but still THE CITY police have sought the help of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) as well as the Oman government to rescue two young Muslim women who have complained of “torture beyond enduranceâ€? … Continue reading

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Right to kill – 2

I always shun controversy but somehow often end up in one, over the period it seems now I relish controversy so I have raked up another mini one by posting “Right to kill” both on my blog and at Indianmuslims. … Continue reading

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Jolt to Congress, Masood Madani quits

In a big jolt to Congress, Masood Madani, the grandson of freedom fighter late Maulana Husain Ahmad Madani and son of former Jamiat Ulama chief late Asad Madani, quit the party. He ruled out any possiblity of reconciliation with Congress … Continue reading

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A Muslim among non-Muslims

How easy is it to be a Muslim among the non-Muslims? Ask someone from a Muslim majority area and he will tell that its a very perilous situation. He will base his arguments on the culture that exists in such … Continue reading

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Right to kill

Right to kill. The controversy over the death penalty has again come to fore, after a court directed the so called planner of the parliament attack,Mohd. Afzal, to be hanged. I don’t know and don’t want to know whether he … Continue reading

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Indian Media & Muslim issues

The ‘Cash for Fatwa’ sting operation, the Vande Mataram controversy and the establishment of Mohammad Ali Jauhar University at Rampur where three important Muslim-related events (‘stories’ in journalistic parlance’) in the month of September and I observed the treatment to … Continue reading

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