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Where are we headed?

Its nearly a month ago when we had celebrated our 60th Independence day, A couple of months since the last terrorist strike in Mumbai and 4 days since the Malegaon blasts, another few years back we had blasts in Mumbai, … Continue reading

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And now this!

First it was the controversy regarding singing of Vande Mataram and now its this D H Shankaramurthy: NCERT textbooks, which contain praises of Tipu Sultan, are ‘nonsense’ The ‘Kannada drive’ began the process of claiming another victim when, close on … Continue reading

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Gujarat Conversion Law Amended To Suit Jains!

Gujarat government has passed the amended anti-conversion law as per which Buddhists & Jains will now be treated as Hindus. It is aimed simply to please the prosperous Jains whose missionaries are converting tribals & other Hindus to Jain-fold. Saffronites … Continue reading

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This place has me a bit surprised. I expected the Malegaon blasts to have a significant reflection on this site if any. However I find an uncomfortable silence even here. This phenomenon is however not limited to IM. Somehow these … Continue reading

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Shanti Se Boliye!

This has to be the news that immediately caught my attention. I don’t need to write anything. I salute Shafique Ahmed Mohammad Salim for his audacity in refusing the cheque. No views on the blasts now. I am waiting with … Continue reading

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Saluting Shaukat: Saved 70 Children, His Own Family Drowned

On this Teachers’ Day as shocked nation is yet to recover from the murder of Professor Sabharwal in Madhav College in Ujjain, we must salute the supreme sacrifice of Shaukat, the madarsa teacher, who saved 70 children of his madarsa … Continue reading

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Call For Entries : Imagining Ourselves

What: Imagining Ourselves Exhibition Theme: What defines our generation of women (and men)? Requirement: Women and Men of the age group 20-40 Last Date: 30th September 2006 Contact Person: Sadaf Siddique (sadaf @ Web: IMOW Sadaf Siddique is a … Continue reading

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Anand Math & Vande Matram – II

Do I feel good writing such pieces about Vande Matram (originally Bande Mataram in Bengali) or digging out passages from a controversial over-a-century-old novel? No, I hate doing it but every time I see debates on televisions and public fora … Continue reading

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The Society We Live In

Well if you think this picture is just a normal burial of a Muslim corpse then think again. Notice the police wala peeping in. So they dug the grave of some terrorist huh? Not really. Here is the HT report … Continue reading

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Ghettoisation Of A City & The Nation. welcomes another contributor to the IM Blog. Asif belongs to Mumbai and is currently working in Pune as a technology professional. He blogs at Take A Walk. More than a decade a go as a 10 year old in … Continue reading

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