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Picture Of The Day – Stupid Protest

How many people tramping upon the Israeli flag and consequently on the Star of David would know that it is a symbol revered not only by the Jews but by the Muslims as well? Both King Solomon and King David … Continue reading

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Prejudiced, Aren’t They?

Why do we need to prove our allegiance to the nation every time few fanatics with Muslim names, who justify their acts on the distorted interpretation of the Qura’n, kill innocent people? Why do people like Mr. Pradhan (see the … Continue reading

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Yoga Class: Anti-Muslim Propaganda, No To Namaaz

Forty newly-appointed teachers were sent for Yoga training at Matoshri Upasna Vidyapith at Kharodi (Mumbai) by the Municipal Education department. Out of 40, 12 were Muslim teachers who were shown a Video CD during camp. The CD contained extremely objectionable … Continue reading

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Blast Follow Up: Youth Suffer

Members of the Tabligh movement are always an easy suspect after every terrorist activity. Its because of their strict adherence to the Sunnah of Prophet (Sallalahu alaihe wassalam) which is conspicuously reflected by their clothing. They move in groups, travel … Continue reading

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Worldly Education welcomes Sharique Ahmad as a new contributor to the IM Blog. He has travelled all over India and is currently a student at IIT Chennai. His personal blog can be read at One of the major reasons responsible … Continue reading

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Oath In The Name Of Allah Is Constitutional: HC

The Kerala High Court has said that taking oath in the name of Allah is constitutional. The Court dismissed a petition seeking disqualification of the 11 MLAs who had taken oath in the name of Allah. The Public Interest Litigation … Continue reading

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Maoists Menace In Central India

Thousands of people are living in camps because of the Naxalite violence in Central India while government struggles with a response. Continue reading

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Mumbai Blasts, Terrorism, And The World We Live In

Second time in our life time Bombay, also known as Mumbai, has been hit by coordinated serial bombing. Mumbai blast of 1993 was terrible and what we have here is even more scaring. Though the number of fatalities, as of … Continue reading

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Mumbai Blasts

Almost a cliche but it is true that words do not come out at times. This is one of those occasions. I am too sad to say anything for now. Dilip D’Souza visited Bandra after the blasts and shares his … Continue reading

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Police Fires At Praying Muslims In Bhiwandi, Kill 2

Once again innocent citizens were killed in firing by Bhiwandi police on Wednesday. The cops first resorted to cane-charge and later on fired at the gathering. Several rounds were fired at Muslims who had gathered outside Quarter Gate masjid to … Continue reading

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