MIM Wants Urdu State

The Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) has demanded a separate state for the Urdu speakers. The latest statement came on TRS leaders’ demanding creation of separate Telangana state.

When there can be two Telugu speaking states in the country, why can’t be an Urdu state or at least a union territory. But is it feasible?

The leader Asaduddin Owaisi wants re-organisation on linguistic lines so that Telangana may have Warangal as capital and Hyderabad could be the Urdu speaking territory.

Of course, Urdu suffered because it has got no state. J&K was a Muslim majoirty state and Urdu was made the official language in the state but it was not the mothertongue of people in J&K.

I don’t think Owaisi would be able to get anything. The three language formula has never applied in its true spirit. Urdu medium schools are being closed all over India. Hyderabad does have a concentration of Muslims but its demgography has changed in the last decade or so.

Now Muslims are less than 40% in greater Hyderabad and the number is going down due to influx of people from all over the country. In this situation only the Walled City retains its old culture.

If there is any other place where Urdu is widely spoken then it is Rohailkhand area of UP that includes the districts of Bijnore, Moradabad, Rampur, Bareilly, Saharanpur, Muzaffar Nagar where in a large geographical area almost a majority of people speak and understand the language.

But all this not viable. What is needed is that Urdu speaking populace should get confident and embark on a mission to keep the language alive. The state can’t be expectted to deliver anything now.

Adnan (www.indscribe.blogspot.com)

Who Says Muslims Are Backward?

All the time Muslims and non-Muslims keep lamenting the backwardness of Muslims in the country. But in a function to discuss the problems of Urdu medium schools, a gentleman stumped everybody with his argument.

“Who says Muslims are backward?”, he said. “I have never seen a Muslim as poor as we see the pictures of our Hindu brothers from remote districts like in Orissa, Maharashtra, the farmers who commit suicides in Telangana and Kalahandi or Maharashtra and the tribes like Saharia in MP and Rajasthan”.

“I have never seen a Muslim in langoti with all his ribs visible and the entire family on the verge of dying”, he further said. He gave several other examples to press his point.

Isn’t he correct to an extent! Yes Muslims got backward after partition because the gentry migrated. Yes they are backward but why trumpeting this all the time. It is also a fact that many Muslims are poor but largely lower-middle class and not amongst the extremely poor who hardly have square meals everday like tribals or the people in drought-prone areas and backward regions.

As Muslims are more concentated in urban areas and towns unlike small villages where their population is very low (except West Bengal and Assam), the option to do manuabl labour and somehow earn their bread is always available unlike those in rural areas where failure of crop leads to frustration, poverty and suicides.

What we need is a strong movement that emphasises on education and getting rid of the syndrome that we are backward. We chant this too often that we are backward.

Adnan (www.indscribe.blogspot.com)

Two BJP Leader’s Anti-Muslim Mentality

“These Muslims eat here, live here and after death claim our land where they get buried on our land but raise voice of Paksitan Zindabad and Osama Bin Laden Zindabad”, said BJP MLAs Eknath Khadse and Shobha Tai in the Maharashtra assembly during the budget session made the above mentoned comments.

This won’t be tolerated, said Khadse, who further alleged that during the rally against defamatory cartoons in Mumbai, the Muslims raised Pakistan Zindabad slogan, turned the City green with their flags and wreaked havoc on the traffic.

Also, he added “Paida yahan hote hain, muft ka paani peetey hain aur yahan ki hawa muft mein khate hain aur marne ke baad hamari dedh meter ki jagan bhi lete hain”.

Now what you will do for such statements. These things hurt. How can elected representatives be so much against any community or section. Don’t these have any social interation with Muslims or any friends that they never give a thought before making such speeches.

I shudder to think how many people in India share this sentiment. How much poisoned are some people’ minds. And is there no way these people can be tackled or action taken against such spread of hate. Time and agains such speeches are made and this anti-Muslim rhetoric just not invoke any criticism from the media. In fact, such stories are blacked out altogether. This story was reported in Sahara daily newspaper amongst others which I read.

Adnan (www.indscribe.blogspot.com)

Fate Of Bahadur Shah Zafar’s Descendants

The story of middle-aged Sultana Begum brings tears to one’s eyes. She runs a tea-stall in Howrah to earn a living for her family. Twenty-five years ago her husband Mirza Bedar Bakht, the great grandson of last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar, died in penury.

Bedar Bakht sharpened knives to eke out living. After his death, the West Bengal government was approached by several organisations to provide an accommodation for the family. Sultana Begum ultimately got an accommodation but it was near the Red Light District. The goons occupied the house.

She continued to live in the slum. The anti-social elements preyed upon her daughters and she ran hither and thither to get protection for her daughters. Eminent writer Firoz Bakht Ahmad recounts that when he visited the house he stunned at the condition the family was living in. “There was absolutely nothing in the room in the name of household goods”.

The pension ended with her husband’s death long ago. The poignant story of the descendants of the last Mughal who had to see the sight of his own sons’ eyes gouged out and brought to him by the British and was exiled to Burma, proves the failure of the state and more so, the people to acknowledge the contribution of the heroes of our freedom struggle.

Riots After Riots Same Story

Aligarh riots have once again demonstrated that all riots in India start on similar lines. Either it is puja/ azaan on loudspeaker, objection to a make-shift religious place or one procession passing through area dominated by other community and a provocative slogan or stone pelting leading to the riot.

And 59 years after Independence we know that the same things again and again lead to riots. But strangely our governments are yet to devise a strategy to prvent these riots. The vested interests of politicians, land mafia and other sections cause communal riots.

In certain cities where local administration took steps like involving the troublemakers from both Hindu and Muslim communities and made them memmbers of the Peace Committees and gave them certain powers like that of Special Police Officers to contain the anti-socials, the riots stopped. Innumerable ways are there to check riots but the fact is that our governments just don’t want these riots to stop.

In cities where leaders of other communities are invited as chief guests in functions of one community the problem just ended. But unfortunatelye ven people are yet to take up cudgels and devise a system themselves if the government fails in its task.

Adnan (www.indscribe.blogspot.com)

No Anti-National Activities During Leave, Muslim Teachers Going For Haj Told

The two Muslim teachers gave application asking for leave for Haj were asked by the Education Officer, a woman, to given an undertaking that they would not indulge in any anti-national acitivity during the period of their leave.

Naturally, Muslims are outraged. Who expects this? You go to your boss with a leave application and you are told to take pledge that you wouldn’t be actign against national interests.

The raison d’etre behind the illogical and absurd step of the education officer who had no such right has caused a storm. Now it is being said that she was tense. Ok, tense, so she will do this nonsense? What such an action suggets–a deeper prejudice against Muslims.

The education officer Lata Sanap sought the undertaking on a stamppaper. This happened in November. Ever any undertaking taken for any tour or pilgrimage for anyone else? And the Congress government of the state is yet to take any action against the officer despite strong condemations of several bodies.

The role of newspapers is also intriguing. Just because DNA the latest debutante in Mumbai did the story, none touched it and except a couple of television channels the story was treated with indifference. Now why such discriminatory attitudes are not reported? DNA followed it up twice and did three stories. Some of the links are as follows



Adnan (indscribe.blogspot.com)