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Is Jamiat a Madani family fiefdom?

With the ongoing controversy over the feud between Chacha-Bhateeja ie Mahmood Madani and Arshad Madani over the leadership of Jamiat, the question does arise. After Maulana Husain Ahmad Madani, Asad Madani headed the organisation and now the fight within the … Continue reading

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Look Who’s Talking

Mir Taqi Mir, disenchanted with the standard of poetry composed during his times complained, kyaa rahaa hai MushaairoN meN ab log kuch jam’aa aan hote haiN What is there in poetry recitations, anymore Some people gather, and that is it. … Continue reading

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My fatwa beats the hell out of your fatwa

Tis the fatwa season and we Kazis, muftis are charging overtime. Even before the last fatwa goes on the wire and outta the presses, a new one pops up from nowhere. You gotta give them some love, these freshly minted … Continue reading

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Mahant and Mufti snub politicians in Varanasi

This news has gladdened the hearts of all who want peace and prosperity in our beloved country. The Mahant of Sankat Mochan Temple Veer Bhadra Mishra came out to welcome the delegation of Muslim leaders led by Mufti-e-Benaras Maulana Abdul … Continue reading

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Politics of Hit and Hate

The cowardly act committed by the terrorists by targeting innocent civilians and Hanuman devotees is reprehensible and evil. My heart goes out to all the victims and their family members. Obviously, no words of sorrow can comfort those who have … Continue reading

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Extremely condemnable incident in Varanasi

The blasts in Varanasi are extremely condemnable and despicable. That the bombs exploded in the holy city including the famous Sankat Mochan temple is really disturbing. It is time for the police and administration to nail the culprits and ensure that … Continue reading

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Banerjee Report

The reaction from the political class on the Banerjee report has been relatively subdued. BJP and VHP have debunked the report, as was expected of them. No comment from Lalu or the Congress, yet. UC Banerjee report politically motiated : … Continue reading

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Gujarat four years later…

Gujarat: Four Years after the Genocide آنکھیں اب بھی نم Û?یں By Azim A. Khan Sherwani Last month, during a visit to Ahmedabad I befriended the owner of a tea-stall, a policeman and a businessman. My vendor ‘friend’, a wonderful … Continue reading

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Jains experience Muslims’ sympathy

Gujarat High Court had removed the ban imposed on the Muslim butchers to open their shops since 1993 on petition filed by a voluntary group ‘Lok Adhikar Sangh’ challenging the municipal order. However, the butchers’ union has voluntarily requested all … Continue reading

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