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Golwalkar: the brain of RSS

Golwalkar: the brain of RSS By Kashif Hoda The Milli Gazette Online 26 February 2006 RSS is planning to celebrate birth centenary of the second RSS chief Madhavrao Sadashivrao Golwalkar. While K. B. Hedgewar is responsible for setting up … Continue reading

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Bhagalpur Riots & MF Husain ‘Biradari Bahar’ (Expelled From Community)

Nitish Kumar has ordered re-opening of 27 cases of Bhagalpur riots of 1989.. One of the worst massacres in Northern India, the riots were instrumental in turning the Muslims in the state against Congress. However, Lalu Prasad Yadav did nothing … Continue reading

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The death of four boys in Kashmir and verdict in Best Bakery

The death of four boys in Kashmir is undoubtedly a sad event. Naturally anger spilt on the streets. The Army has defended itself saying that it has been very restrained and proessional in its approch. Such incidents are unfortunate because killings … Continue reading

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Muslim Congress leader sacked for reward on cutting MF Husain’s hands!

Congress leader Akhtar Beg announced that if anyone chopped off the hands of MF Husain, he will reward the person with Rs 11 lakh. Beg, a Vice-Chairman with Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee and a senior leader in Indore, made this announcement two days … Continue reading

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Indian Muslims, Update

Sudheendra Kulkarni argues that certain political parties have been fuelling ‘minority complex’ among Indian Muslims for their own benefit. Barkha Dutt writes a good article in HT on the statement made by UP minister Yaqoob Quereshi on the cartoon controversy … Continue reading

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UP Minister Promises Rs 51 Crore for Cartoonist’s Head

In a bizarre and dangerous development, a minister in the Mulayam Singh Yadav’s government in UP, Haji Yaqoob Quereshi has announced an award of Rs 51 Crore for cartoonist’s head who drew the caricature of Prophet Muhammad. He said that … Continue reading

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Letter to Mr Vir Sanghvi regarding his column on Indian Muslims

Vir Sanghvi in his column in Hindustan Times puts the onus on Muslims to condemn terrorism. The point is that they already do. Continue reading

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Sky has fallen: Muslim % in army asked

Aasmaan Toot Pada Hai Bhai! Devoid of all issues the politicians and media have termed it as sacrilgeious that Muslims’ percent in the army has been asked. “How dare they? Such appeasement!” that’s the reaction. As if, all secularist ideals … Continue reading

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I condemn MF Husain

I have no great understanding of art and I am not competent enough to judge merits of a painting or piece of art but the nonagenarian painter has been putting up many Muslims in the dock again and again. Whether … Continue reading

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IM Comment Policy

NOTE: You need to be registered to comment. Click here to register. guftuguu band na ho, baat se baat chale….. We value the ideas and feedback of our readers, and highly encourage them to share their thoughts by commenting on … Continue reading

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