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Disrespect Towards Saudi King!

The attitude of the section of media and particulary Times of India during the visit of Saudi king raises serious questions. It decided suddenly not to use honorifics for the visitor and dropped even the word King before his name. … Continue reading

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Survey of Indian Muslims Shatters Some Myths

Hindustan Times, one of the major newspapers of India in collaboration with CNN-IBN carried out a State of the Nation Poll that shatters quite a few misconceptions about Indian Muslims. 98% of Indian Muslims say that they are proud or … Continue reading

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13 Muslims get Padma Awards

This year the government has selected 13 Muslims in the list of 106 persons selected for the Padma Awards. Though every year a few classical musicians and artists amongst Muslims get the award, the good thing is that this year … Continue reading

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Happy Republic Day India !

Here is wishing our nation peace, prosperity and prularism on the event of 57th Republic Day. We have had our share of ups and downs, successes and failures during all these years, and we certainly have a long long way … Continue reading

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Six years of Milli Gazette

Congratulations to Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan and the team of Milli Gazette for completing 6 years of publication. Considering how much Muslims help and support their organizations it is a big achievement. Just like magazine Urdu Book Review’s 10 years … Continue reading

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What about this appeasement and violation of High Court’s order?

What has happened at Kundalpur Teerth (pilgrimage) in India is baffling. The order of the High Court was violated, the district administration was forcibly stopped from doing its duty, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) by-passed but no national newspaper … Continue reading

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Detachment of Muslims and their ‘mistakes’

Yes ‘mistakes’, I dare say that. Agreed that Muslims may not have got great opportunities but what never fails to amaze is the aloofness of Muslims from the society. Let us start with social works–every day you open local vernacular … Continue reading

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Haj Subsidy, Anyone?

Google the words Haj Subsidy and the top three results are from the rabid right wing Muslim-bashers. All the first 30 results are related to India and that means it is a big issue for Indian and Indians. Since, the … Continue reading

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From Karachi to Ajmer

Indian government is planning to extend the proposed Khokrapar (Sindh) – Munabao (Rajasthan) rail link upto Ajmer Sharif. This is indeed good news. Not only it will result in the popularity of this rail link but more importantly, it would … Continue reading

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Haj Stampede, Solutions?

At least 52 Indians have been identified dead in this year’s Haj stampede at Mina, highest from any country. I offer my heartfelt condolences to the family members of all the victims. A great deal of criticism has been aimed … Continue reading

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